Monday, March 26, 2007

TTE in San Antonio

We had a great time in San Antonio at the 'Nerd Convention.' In between competitions, good food, site seeing, Six Flags, and a quick trip to the temple we, as a generally sarcastic bunch, bonded in a way that makes TTE the best major at BYU! We placed 1st in the teaching competition (I won't take ALL the credit for that one... sorry 'Mr. Annoying!') Since I've been back I've thought a lot about what a great university BYU really is. The quality of education we receive and the professors who facilitate our learning, at least in the TTE major, are incredible. Soon we will be out in the world teaching, an intimating thought and daunting task, but I hope that as we go out we will not only teach our students about technology but also be able to instill a desire to create and innovate.

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